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February 4, 2007

Hello, I am a mother of five in the metro Atlanta area. You can call me Elaine, although that is not my real name. I’ll explain why I am not using my real name in a moment.

I’ve been slightly addicted to reading blogs for several years, but I never considered starting one of my own until an incident occurred in my life that opened my eyes to the injustices that minorities continue to suffer. Now, I don’t have unreasonable expectations. I know that we live in a corrupt world, and as a Christian woman, I realize that it takes time to undo the errors of the past. But the one place I absolutely refuse to countenance racism or discrimination of any kind is the Christian church. I am as mad as a hornet at what I see taking place across the country, and I’m determined to do something about it, if I can.

As I said, I feel newly passionate on the subject because my eyes were opened. In my own large church there is a tremendous effort to make blacks and Hispanics, most of whom are new to our county, welcome. There is a small church not a half mile away, however, that has consistently refused to open their doors to anyone but white people. THREE FAMILIES have now come to our elders for financial assistance and prayer after having been turned away by these FELLOW CHRISTIANS. I got involved to assist the families with their domestic affairs and have heard hour after hour of the most horrific stories you could imagine. What terrible tragedies these poor souls have experienced, only to be turned away from a church because their skin was not white enough.

And what is to be done about the “Christians” who have failed in their duty as Christians? Our churches are not connected in any way. To whom do we turn for redress and justice? It is our duty to follow Matthew 18 and confront these people about the sins they have committed. But if they ignore us, what then? We are simply unwilling to allow them to hurt another family as the minority population of our county rapidly escalates. I think this is where the Internet comes in. Perhaps we can draw enough attention to situations like this that the perpetrators will be shamed into repenting.

Our local situation is a continuing development, and I’ll keep you posted as it unfolds. In the meantime, I intend to broaden my scope and draw attention to some nationally prominent leaders of bad report.

We’ll start with Doug Phillips, who is very influential among many young families with small children in our area. Even his most loyal followers have been disillusioned of late as news has emerged about his abuse of former parishioners. There is so much more to tell, not only about Doug but about his father, Howard Phillips, who has been well-known since the Nixon administration.

As for why I am using a pseudonym, some of the pastors who will be scrutinized here have made it very clear that they like to sue their critics, even though this is forbidden in 1 Cor 6. These wolves in sheep’s clothing have used intimidation for a long time to mask their behavior, but I can keep my silence no longer.