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Howard Phillips

March 26, 2007

We now turn to the influences that Doug Phillips routinely praises, and we must begin with his greatest influence, the man he calls his “hero” – his father, Howard Phillips.

Howard Phillips headed two federal agencies during the Nixon Administration and later served as chairman of the Conservative Caucus and founded the Constitution Party.

Howard has a partner on the board of the Conservative Caucus named Richard Shoff. Shoff is the former “Grand Kilgrapp” of the Indiana Ku Klux Klan. According to Indiana police, Shoff regularly hosted KKK rallies on his property with cross burnings.

The Southern Poverty Law Center calls the Constitution Party a racist organization. “Among the party’s current roster of local candidates is a Salt Lake City man, Jack Gray, who has no qualms about presenting himself as a member of David Duke’s white supremacist hate group, the European American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO)… The party’s official ‘key race’ for 2003 is a gubernatorial bid by Mississippi’s most virulent Confederate flag defender, John Thomas Cripps, a long-time member of the white-supremacist hate group, League of the South…”

When racist John Thomas Cripps, the pastor of the “Confederate Presbyterian Church,” ran for governor of Mississippi on the Constitution Party ticket, he was endorsed by Howard Phillips. Both Howard and Cripps are being watched carefully by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Howard was one of the few present at the funeral of notorious racist Samuel Francis, who was fired by the Washington Times due to his constant race-baiting.


Doug Phillips

March 16, 2007

Doug Phillips has made a name for himself among Christian homeschoolers by selling “old-fashioned” books and hosting “historical” conferences and events. In actuality, the words “old-fashioned” and “historical” mean “thoroughly white.” The Vision Forum catalog is full of books by racists. Their books and tape sets glorify men who believed and wrote that black people are inferior to white people. They sell no books by any of the people of color who contributed to American history. Doug uses code words like “cultural syncretism” to decry the “blackening” of American society.

At the recent Vision Forum World History conference, there were no non-white speakers, as is true of almost all Vision Forum events, and the only bit of world history covered in 68 lectures that was not white history was a lecture on the central American Indian tribes. Rushdoony was called one of the greatest men of the 20th century at the conference. Who is Rushdoony? We’ll get to that.

In the city of San Antonio, which is only about 30% white, Phillips has hired an all-white staff at Vision Forum, except for a black or Hispanic man here or there in the warehouse. Isn’t this illegal for companies with so many employees? And how will the convention centers, such as Henry B. Gonzalez, where Mr. Phillips hosts his events, react to the news divulged here?

Phillips often praises the military, but only for World War II and prior, before the military was racially integrated. On his blog, he posted a poem by Robert Service, which contains the verse:

Deny my God! yes, I could do it well;
Yet if I did, what of my race, my name?
How they would spit on me, these dogs of hell!
Spurn me, and put on me the brand of shame.
A white man’s honour! what of that, I say?
Shall these black curs cry “Coward” in my face?
They who would perish for their gods of clay —
Shall I defile my country and my race?