Doug Phillips

Doug Phillips has made a name for himself among Christian homeschoolers by selling “old-fashioned” books and hosting “historical” conferences and events. In actuality, the words “old-fashioned” and “historical” mean “thoroughly white.” The Vision Forum catalog is full of books by racists. Their books and tape sets glorify men who believed and wrote that black people are inferior to white people. They sell no books by any of the people of color who contributed to American history. Doug uses code words like “cultural syncretism” to decry the “blackening” of American society.

At the recent Vision Forum World History conference, there were no non-white speakers, as is true of almost all Vision Forum events, and the only bit of world history covered in 68 lectures that was not white history was a lecture on the central American Indian tribes. Rushdoony was called one of the greatest men of the 20th century at the conference. Who is Rushdoony? We’ll get to that.

In the city of San Antonio, which is only about 30% white, Phillips has hired an all-white staff at Vision Forum, except for a black or Hispanic man here or there in the warehouse. Isn’t this illegal for companies with so many employees? And how will the convention centers, such as Henry B. Gonzalez, where Mr. Phillips hosts his events, react to the news divulged here?

Phillips often praises the military, but only for World War II and prior, before the military was racially integrated. On his blog, he posted a poem by Robert Service, which contains the verse:

Deny my God! yes, I could do it well;
Yet if I did, what of my race, my name?
How they would spit on me, these dogs of hell!
Spurn me, and put on me the brand of shame.
A white man’s honour! what of that, I say?
Shall these black curs cry “Coward” in my face?
They who would perish for their gods of clay —
Shall I defile my country and my race?


14 Responses to “Doug Phillips”

  1. Derek Williams Says:

    That’s unfortunate. I am a person of color and have gotten much benefit from the lectures I purchased from Vision Forum. Admittedly, there product seems to lack racial diversity but why assume the man is racist. Perhaps he is just pro-European-American . It’s not the responsibility of whites to promote the heritage of African -Americans. It really isn’t, and we need to model the business success of Vision Forum and create similar products.

  2. Kevin Craig Says:

    I don’t see any evidence on this blog that the men indicted would prefer a secular humanist white over a Christian believer of color. That would be evidence of true racism.

    It’s a tragedy that people of color are not often dominion-oriented Christians. A tragedy, but also a fact. And if you hire or write about dominion-oreinted Christians, it’s likely that there will be more whites than non-whites in the mix. None of the men complained about would want fewer rather than more dominion-oriented Christians of color.

  3. David Wright Says:

    Perhaps you should ask Vodie Baucham if Mr. Phillips is a racist. Or perhaps Mr. Baucham is also racist even though he is of African decent. It is unfortunate that the internet allows anyone to post falsehoods like this.

  4. icr Says:

    This blog has the stench of witch-hunting.

  5. Mason G. Says:


    What in the world does “dominion-oriented” mean? Sounds to me like it just might be a code word for “white”.

    And icr, I find it ridiculous that you are complaining about white racists being the victim of “witch-hunting”. Read about the history of lynching in the United States; _that_ was real witch hunting. _This_ blog is simply holding Doug Phillips accountable for his repugnant views, something not too many people are willing to do these days. Thanks, Elaine, for your courage in starting this blog and getting the truth out!

  6. Michael Payne Says:

    Greetings, I stumbled across this site and read the posts on Doug Phillips. I have been to three different events hosted by their ministry and all three had minority speakers. I am inter-racially married yet both me and my beloved wife are part of the human race. At the 2009 father daughter retreat a man asked what the speakers thought about inter-racial marriage. Doug Phillips, perhaps slightly irritated with the man, very boldly stated that the difference in races is only a skin pigmentation the only discrimination that a Christian should make is marrying another believer regardless of race as Scripture teaches. I almost felt sorry for the man as it was a direct, stern answer that communicated that there was no room for racial bigotry. Then Voddie Bachum, a black speaker talked about his book “What He must Be if he wants to marry my daughter” The cover photo shows only the skin of a man’s hand and it is a black and white photo so you cannot tell the race. He said it was on purpose as the skin color of his future son-in-law is not the issue, but rather does he replicate Titus 1 qualifications of Godly Character. One of the things I have noticed listening to Doug Phillips is that He looks at an author or teacher and will overlook a fault and learn from the man what is good and noble. In one message he spoke about George Washington. He started by asserting that some of the listeners had presuppositions that would not allow them to hear anything else he had to say. He said George Washington had no business being a Mason and he also was troubled by Washington skipping communion often. He said it troubles me, but we don’t throw the man out. He was still a great man that can teach us a great deal about perseverance and leadership. Then he said how about a little perspective. Washington should not have been a Mason then and today Christians should not have there children in Canaanite schools (public schools) and perhaps in a hundred years people will look back on our generation and say how can he have been a Christian? He rendered his children, which bear the image of God, unto Caesar for instruction. How’s that for perspective? He stated. I certainly have issue with many of the statements you have quoted and I would debate those men if they were alive today. I make no excuse for any racial remarks, yet I am not prepared to call Doug Phillips a racist because he promotes books for other values they possess. What little I have interacted with him and his ministry, I have no doubt that he is not a racist. Thank you for allowing folks to post and God bless you.

  7. Bill Roth Says:

    I too have been to Vision Forum events, and am also interracially-married. I have listened to hundreds of hours of Doug Phillips, Voddie Baucham, Kevin Swanson, John Piper and other leaders in reformed circles. Not once have I heard from any of them speaking derogatorily about race. What I hear is Biblical – we are all one race in Christ Jesus – as well as historical. We all descend from the 3 sons / wives of Noah, and were scattered abroad at the Tower of Babel.

    Repeatedly however, I come across people that take what these men are saying out of context and inserting their own agenda, so as to color them as something they are not.

    Secular humanists see race because much of their worldview is bathed in evolutionary survival-of-the-fittest ideology. The fruit of that was forced sterilizations and the eugenics movement – all of which targeted Blacks and minorities. It was evil beyond evil. It manifests itself today in the targeting of inner city population via abortion.

    Christianity sees 1 race, the human race – completely lost on it’s own and needing salvation through Christ.

  8. Sally Sue Says:

    This is so stupid. I love Vision Forum and they have no such problems agains “non-Whites” Vodie Bauchum is black for cryin out loud.

  9. Tommy Says:

    I have heard Doug Phillips and his father speak in person as well as in recorded lectures. I never heard anything outside the bounds of Christian thought and never a reference to race. Many people like to think of themselves as “color-blind” with regard to race. Doug Phillips and his father might be two people who actually are.

    Vision Forum is exactly as the name implies; A forum for a vision greater than ourselves, better than man in his own myopic secularism could ever reasonably hope to achieve.

  10. Molly Says:

    We attended Vision Forum’s Jamestown conference in 2007 which put on a play which lauded Pocahontas’ marriage to Englishman John Rolfe as the first interracial marriage in America.

    Also, Voddie Baucham speaks at V.F. conferences (and we love him).

  11. Rob Says:

    I guess you aren’t familiar with the theological term “synchretism”? It has nothing to do with “black culture”. It speaks of blending the worship of God – as He prescribed it to be done, with man’s feelings and preferences. So what Doug was saying is that people have no understanding of godly worship so they use music they like to worship God. That is not what God has prescribed for His worship. Whether they use hip-hop or southern gospel or rock-n-roll is not the point. The point of the article is that worship is a holy act prescribed by God and should not be changed to fit the culture.

    I believe it was Booker T Washington that complained about some folks seeing racism everywhere even when it isn’t there.

  12. Home Page Says:

    Exceptional Weblog!

  13. Mark Says:

    Doug Phillips has a lot of “followers” who like to defend their hero. While I can agree with many things he says, I think he is very egocentric and on issues like women being silent in church. He is extreme. Dominion post millennial theology is also very non Biblical. From what I have read, you better not have a disagreement with him if you are in his church. When there is no way to hold someone accountable, a “ministry” can turn into a cult. One last observation is that I have heard him this weekend say at a homeschool conference about “Thinking like a Christian” and you can tell by the sensual clothes one wears etc. I assume its women he speaks of. I did a search for his name and there were flattering pictures of him which appeared to be like a model posing. I was told his sons had “the cool look” in catalogs as well. We should all be under the same rules not just long dresses for women etc. I think the poster for this blog does make valid points and his sensitivities may be more frustrated than us who were born white. If you were born black and lived in poverty for most of your life and you read info from people who write books on theologians who were pro slavery etc. It may do the same for you. All those who are being critical are most likely white followers.

  14. Mark Says:

    I am not trying to say the sons are trying to look any certain way. The same things can be said for a young women who is trying to be noticed and appreciated. We should all try to dress and act in a modest fashion. I can not judge Doug Phillips heart on what he was trying to accomplish with the photo mentioned above. I think it had to do with something he was doing in Iceland. Anymore than anyone can judge what anyone else is thinking and in their heart. We all need to look at everyone as being made in Christs Image and have a love that can be open for faults in others and not think we are superior and the go to person. We all are dust and nothing in one sense and Jesus should be the one we adore alone. We should also be sensitive to those who have had a history where there has been wrongs done by whites and how that could cause a stumbling block against unity in the body of Christ etc.

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