Howard Phillips

We now turn to the influences that Doug Phillips routinely praises, and we must begin with his greatest influence, the man he calls his “hero” – his father, Howard Phillips.

Howard Phillips headed two federal agencies during the Nixon Administration and later served as chairman of the Conservative Caucus and founded the Constitution Party.

Howard has a partner on the board of the Conservative Caucus named Richard Shoff. Shoff is the former “Grand Kilgrapp” of the Indiana Ku Klux Klan. According to Indiana police, Shoff regularly hosted KKK rallies on his property with cross burnings.

The Southern Poverty Law Center calls the Constitution Party a racist organization. “Among the party’s current roster of local candidates is a Salt Lake City man, Jack Gray, who has no qualms about presenting himself as a member of David Duke’s white supremacist hate group, the European American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO)… The party’s official ‘key race’ for 2003 is a gubernatorial bid by Mississippi’s most virulent Confederate flag defender, John Thomas Cripps, a long-time member of the white-supremacist hate group, League of the South…”

When racist John Thomas Cripps, the pastor of the “Confederate Presbyterian Church,” ran for governor of Mississippi on the Constitution Party ticket, he was endorsed by Howard Phillips. Both Howard and Cripps are being watched carefully by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Howard was one of the few present at the funeral of notorious racist Samuel Francis, who was fired by the Washington Times due to his constant race-baiting.

2 Responses to “Howard Phillips”

  1. Derek Williams Says:

    Now, that’s disturbing!

  2. Tommy Says:

    Howard Phillips is one of America’s most brilliant speakers, a man of tremendous intellectual gifts and perscipacity. A man of deep conviction and great deeds, he possesses the humility, courage and insights to lead any great people who would have him. Samuel Francis was a man who unafraid to expose liberals, progressives, leftists and marxists wherever they were and whenever they needed to be taken to task (which was always). His pen was indeed mightier than any socialist sword and his loss was one that was widely noted by friends and enemies alike. Howard Phillips was his friend (which says much in a positive way for both of them).

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is the most notorious of race baiting agencies whose whole purpose is to bring the fear of “racism” into the hearts of as many supporters as possible, thereby receiving donations to keep themselves in business and to continue the lifestyles and recognition (they enjoy the celebrity status) to which they have become so spoiled. If there were no racist organizations, the SPLC would have to either invent them or get real jobs. The only way they can make money is through fear itself, a commodity they manufacture at every opportunity for the opening of hearts and checkbooks.

    So, Howard and Cripps are being “watched carefully” by the SPLC. I’m sure neither one of them is concerned. After all, what could happen? That they could be called, “racists?”!

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