Otto Scott

Otto Scott was another very close friend of Rushdoony and the Phillips family.

Scott despaired of ever again having a white president and a white Congress if minorities continued to increase in numbers. “Open borders, no more whites allowed.” He defended racial profiling. He wrote an article for the neo-Confederate Southern Partisan magazine in support of apartheid in South Africa, comparing opponents of apartheid to evil Abolitionists. (Scott wrote a book called The Secret Six which denounced abolitionist John Brown for his murderous rampage.) When apartheid was finally abolished in South Africa, “immorality laws” forbidding interracial marriage were rescinded. Scott said this was a rather inconsequential matter at the time because “only bums and intellectuals crossed the line.”

Scott said: “No race has brought more blessings to humanity than the Caucasian; none is more essential to the continued progress of world humanity… Without Christians there would be no chance for long-range survival by minorities in our midst.”

Scott praised Ferdinand and Isabella for expelling Jews and Muslims from Spain in 1492. He said this was done “in obedience to the doctrine that a house divided against itself cannot stand.” He called the act a “great triumph for Christianity.”

Scott’s newsletter, Compass, gave a favorable review to Jean Raspail’s infamous novel, The Camp of the Saints, which is so shockingly racist that no respectable bookstore will touch it.

Here is a sample of the subtle racist statements that were commonplace from men such as Scott and Rushdoony. Scott wrote: “Nigeria – one of the richest and most advanced of all the black countries of Africa under the English – fell into corruption and tribal strife almost immediately… Lagos, its capital, is a city of walking nightmares. Its leaders are eloquent, learned, stately in appearance and inept. Schooling, in other words, did not achieve what the English had hoped in Nigeria. They had hoped, through schools alone, to educate future leaders… But the great schools of England (when they were great) were not great because of what they taught, so much as great because of whom they taught.”

You can hear more racist statement from Mr. Scott in his lecture People and Population.

Doug Phillips praised Scott as “an autodidact, a self-taught independent scholar who has written ten substantive books and hundreds of articles. Mr. Scott is well known for following the evidence, writing with (sometimes disturbing) candor, and caring not a whit for the prevailing historical fashions.” This is almost identical to what Phillips said about Dabney. Racists really don’t care a whit for “the prevailing historical fashions.”

A few years ago, Matthew Chancey, who is on the payroll of Doug’s brother Brad, and a few of Doug’s employees, were visited by Otto Scott and the pictures were posted on the Vision Forum website. Phillips wrote: “In 2004, a delegation of young men from Vision Forum journeyed to the Old Dominion to honor Mr. Scott. Under the leadership of Vision Forum friend Matt Chancey, these men flew Mr. Scott to Virginia for the simple purpose of spending a few days with a great man, and the privilege of asking him questions about life and the history of the 20th century. It was an unforgettable event for all of them.” They stood at Stonewall Jackson’s grave in Lexington, VA. Scott looked up and commented, “A handsome edifice—It marks the end of southern civilization.”


7 Responses to “Otto Scott”

  1. RichardEricGunby Says:

    You haven’t got a clue. Listen to what these great communicators say:

    John Chamberlain, writing in The Freeman stated, “From a libertarian point of view, Otto Scott is America’s most exciting contemporary historian and biographer.” The Wall Street Journal said, “Otto Scott is the thinking man’s author for the Bicentennial.” And Dr. Hans Sennholz, past president of the Foundation for Economic Education says, “Without Otto Scott’s Compass, this Foundation would be devoid of an important philosophical guide.”

    paragraph indentation for Otto Scott obitMr. Scott is one of a great many Americans who are well-known to a special audience, but unknown to the nation at large. His ideas and concepts have had a way of filtering through society, very often detached from their origin. The phrase the Silent Majority is one such example. But not many know that this phrase was coined by Otto Scott.

    paragraph indentation for Otto Scott obitWhile Josoph Sobran writes: Mr. Scott made a living from his corporate biographies, his fame was achieved from his thorough knowledge of history and poetic use of language. Mr. Scott was also the author of Otto Scott’s Compass, a monthly journal of contemporary culture which ran for 15 years and was widely read by well-known conservatives.

    I guess you see most every white person as racist. How sad.

  2. Gina Says:

    Obviously, the previous poster would prefer to ignore the racist statements and believe what he wants to believe.

    • Kenny Taylor Says:

      One can easily discern that whenever the moniker “racist” is applied today, particularly by the left or “enlightened” liberals, you can bet that you’ll find cowering beneath the effeminate skirt of popular culture another “free-thinking” dolt who albeit well-informed lacks any semblance of wisdom.

      Otto Scott had a grasp of world events and the teleological import of history that his critics typically cannot put their simple minds around. Hence, a common casualty of modern education. Racist is a product of the left and continues to be. The guilt of not properly coming to terms with that results in a shameful imputation upon their political enemies. I would suggest Elaine stop her pathetic dishonoring of all the genuine victims of true racism. In the meantime, we conservatives who are genuinely educated and appreciate the necessity of the transcendental context of all history can proceed confidently. We can so much so that given what, by the left, abides as their practice of “argument by expletive”, might as well wear their accusations of bigotry, intolerance, and racism as a badge of honor.

      Otto Scott, you’ll ever remain heroic to those sincere seekers of the truth!

  3. kendo451 Says:

    Kenny Taylor, preach it bro!

    But in plain English, Doug Phillips is not racist, nor was Otto Scoot or Rousas Rushdooney.

    The idea that a country is for the native people of that country is not racism. Racism is the belief that one line is better than another.

    We each have our portion of planet earth. Just as the Kenyans were fully justified in seeking independence from the British, so every nation has a right to their own land for their own people – including Americans.

  4. enchong Says:

    Racism abounds mishandling the Word of God.

  5. Khadija Says:

    It seems R.L. Dabney and Gina are the end product of establishment brainwashing!!

  6. Khadija Says:

    The previous comment was premature.

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