R.L. Dabney

Through Vision Forum, Doug Phillips sells books on Robert Lewis Dabney, who was Stonewall Jackson’s chief of staff and chaplain during the Civil War. After the war, Dabney wrote a book called A Defense of Virginia, which even over a hundred years later is considered one of the most racist books ever written. Dabney considered black people to be a “morally inferior race,” a “sordid, alien taint” marked by “lying, theft, drunkenness, laziness, waste.” He considered slavery to be “the righteous, the best, yea, the only tolerable relation” between blacks and whites. He condemned the “abhorrent amalgamation of [white] children with blacks” and actually argued that it was better for blacks to be enslaved than not since it was better for their minds and their health. Dabney called the attempt to educate all Negroes “mischievous,” “tyrannical,” “useless,” “impracticable,” and “dishonest.”

Here are some choice quotes from Dabney:

It is well known, that, as a general rule, [Negroes] are a graceless, vagabondish set, and contribute very little to the support of the State by which they are protected. They are not citizens, never can become citizens, and wherever found in large numbers they are an expense and a source of trouble…

The black race is an alien one on our soil; and nothing except his amalgamation with ours, or his subordination to ours, can prevent the rise of that instinctive antipathy of race, which, history shows, always arises between opposite races in proximity…

The offspring of an amalgamation must be a hybrid race incapable of the career of civilization and glory as an independent race. And this apparently is the destiny which our conquerors have in view. If indeed they can mix the blood of the heroes of Manassas with this vile stream from the fens of Africa, then they will never again have occasion to tremble before the righteous resistance of Virginia freemen; but will have a race supple and vile enough to fill that position of political subjugation, which they desire to fix on the South.

How does Doug Phillips regard Dabney? He calls Dabney “the greatest southern theologian of the 19th century.” He exclaims: “Hail Dabney, prophet of the South, our great apologist… And so with joy we doff our hats and shout from every mouth: Hail Dabney, wise apologist, defender of the South!”

In Doug’s lecture on Dabney, he says Dabney was “formulative” to his way of thinking. He introduces Dabney as one who would be “in the front lines at Gettysburg, charging toward the Yankees.” Doug calls Dabney “the greatest defender of Southern heritage, Christian faith, and common sense.” He praises Dabney “for being bold enough to say things that others today are afraid to say.” He laments that Dabney is “resented by those Christians who don’t want to hear his prophecies.” He said we may be uncomfortable with Dabney’s conclusions, but we are “left with no other option but to run and hide – we can’t deny it – or simply to embrace the truth…” He calls Dabney “a prophet in the fullest sense,” and after announcing that he might name his next child after Dabney, recites a poem he has written for the occasion entitled, “Hail Dabney, Prophet of the South.”

Doug Phillips also edited a book entitled Robert Louis Dabney: The Prophet Speaks.

Oh, but we’re just getting started.


18 Responses to “R.L. Dabney”

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  3. Micheal Says:

    Ok I am reading this book for my history Class and it seems to be verry right and correct to scriptures, the bible does teach us to treat people how we would want to be treated. I do think that alot of southerners did do slavery wrong, And i do think that slavery is totally biblcal and right, it would be alot better to have slavery than to put a thieft in prison and just lern how to steal better, he should be put to work for that man and replace what he did 7 fold. Pastor Douge is NOT Raciest. And i do think that there is a BIG difference then saying nigger than black person. A niger can be any color black white yellow red whatever, and it is a term for a no good dead beat lazy loser. The thing i am getting at that this book is not raceist nor is it historically wrong. i hope to get some feed back on this.

  4. Renee Says:

    It is called… worshiping the things of this world as opposed to putting Christ first. The quotes of Dabney are closer to the thoughts of the unsaved… as the fact that Dabney even had to right a book about defending Virginia shows where his heart was, with this world, not with Christ first and foremost. a Christian and a preacher no less, Dabney should have known better. The problem is, to many Christian then, and Doug Phillips now, worship America and think America is the replacement to Is real. There is no covenant with America, and it was not called out by God as chosen.

    Read the bible, not Dabney, not Phillips and you will learn the truth if the Lord opens your eyes.

  5. Simba Says:

    I am very sure Hitler had this book on his shelf.

    Its shocking that they still use such a book in schools in America. Its unbelievable.

  6. Tommy Says:

    Speaking of Hitler, in the unabridged version of his one and only book, “Mein Kampff” he heaps praise upon Abraham Lincoln for his tyrannical, illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional destruction of the sovereignty of the states during his invasion of the southern states from 1861-65. Hitler understood that power had to be concentrated and not diffused among provinces or smaller polities if the creation of the Modern Unitary State were to be acheived. Once power was consolidated then the designs of empire, or even a thousand year reich could be much more easily pursued.

    It is much more likely that Hitler had a copy of the Gettysburg Address on his shelf than anything Dabney ever wrote. It is shocking to me that the Gettysburg Address is not seen for the hypocrisy and political sleight of hand that it was. Evenso, this is the myopic view of a propagandized public blinded by the victory that made victims of us all. So, of course it makes perfect sense to me after all that Lincoln is so honored in our public schools. Our government has a great interest in perpetrating the myth of “The Great Emancipator”.

    The real education, for those who have the gumption and guts to pursue it, is obtained after high school or college. And, Dabney is a great teacher. He needs to be read over and over again.

    Hitler, unlike Robert Lewis Dabney, Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, et. al., did not believe in limited, constitutional government, but, rather like Lincoln, believed in the consolidation of power in a centralized State. Dabney’s heart was in the right place and all he predicted to come to pass as a result of the over-throw between 1861-65 of true federalism as envisioned by the founders has been fulfilled and is still being fulfilled.

  7. Don Says:

    I am amazed that the likes of Dabney is so elevated within the realm of Western Evangelicalism.

    We may do well to ask the question: does the Western church have the problem of loving/elevating a sinful culture over christs work of atonement and commandments. And how is it possible to be a nationalist or racist and be a true believer of a God who says there is neither Jew nor gentile ; or dare I say master and nigger.

  8. enchong Says:

    Tommy, are you for real? You will defend this man Dabney and not call him for what he was…a racist and a hypocrite?

  9. Cindy Sangalli Says:

    We did name one of our children Nathan “Dabney.” Even the Scriptures have slavery mentioned due to the time period. Same with Dabney’s writings. You cannot expect/demand him to be years ahead of society. If he were writing today he would be reformed about slavery as we all are. Look at the truths he did write.

  10. Headless Unicorn Guy Says:

    Tommy is a Confederate States fanboy, pure and simple.

    And Dabney was considered an extreme racist even by 19th Century standards. I suspect his extreme racism might have been made extreme by the CSA’s defeat, lashing back against those Northerners by firewalling everything Southern — including their Peculiar Institution. Remember that White Supremacy was considered a Fundamental Law of Nature on both sides of Mason-Dixon well into the 20th, but Dabney was considered extreme even for that period.

  11. Lou Says:

    The Pre-Civil War South may be the only group of Americans that make it to Heaven. We are taught lies because we are enslaved. Every black family in America would be flying a Confederate Flag in their yard if they knew the truth about their history. The South made God proud. The Elect know this. America died with the South.

  12. malte87 Says:

    Tommy, could I get a page number & edition on that supposed “Mein Kampf” passage? I don’t seem to remember that. What I *do* remember is endless passages excoriating the French for allowing black people into Europe.

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    […] as indeed this is “the righteous, the best, yea, the only tolerable relation” between blacks and whites. Since human slavery — a Biblical institution if ever there was one (Leviticus 25:44-46, Exodus […]

  16. Jim Stretch Says:

    the south was right to resist the corruption, unconstitutional growth and usurpation of power, and mercantilist/communistic control of the national government. if not, why are so many northerners moving here?
    Dabney echoes andrew johnson’s 1866 state of the union address in which he states the historical position of tribes and nations populated by blacks and run by blacks. they were all failures then and they are failures now. to the extent that blacks let whites run things, a level of success follows. otherwise we have liberia, detroit, camden, etc, etc. If whites and the products of whites are so evil, then why are african blacks trying to get here to be cured by backwards, primitive, evil white medicine? if whites were all that bad and blacks were all that capable and perfect, then we would be living in huts and they would have built new york city in the sahara.

  17. Robert Says:

    Dabney is for the most part correct about blacks. Blacks have an average IQ of 85. Whites have an average IQ of 100. Just look at Haiti and see what a wonderful place that is. We are as segregated today as ever. The church is one of the most segregated institutions. The evidence proves Dabney correct though I certainly do not believe in slavery.

  18. Tim Harris Says:

    All of these quotes about negroes are true and visible in any place in the world where there are large numbers of negroes. Dabney was a prophet.

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