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Joseph Sobran

August 4, 2007

A racist magazine called Instauration (now defunct) described Scandinavians as the pinnacle of beauty; “the thin, fair and symmetric race originating in Northern Europe.” Joseph Sobran praised Instauration in the New York City Tribune on May 13, 1986, even though he admitted it “is openly and almost unremittingly hostile to blacks, Jews, and Mexicans and Oriental immigrants.” That’s an understatement. Instauration even favored abortion as a means of controlling the black population. Instauration returned Sobran’s compliment in September of that year in an editorial entitled “The Brave Pen of Joseph Sobran,” saying, “The man has repeatedly defended white racial pride and solidarity, despite the mounting campaign to get him.”

In a review of the movie Schindler’s List, Sobran complained about “all this Holocaust-harping,” explaining that the genocide of six million Jews was largely an overreaction to “Jewish-led communist movements.” (Arizona Republic, 3/24/94) Sobran believes that the New York Times “really ought to change its name to Holocaust Update.” (New Republic, 8/11/86) There’s much more here. Joseph Sobran is such a virulent anti-Semite that he was fired from National Review magazine. He has also been a keynote speaker for the Institute for Historical Review, one of the major organizations dedicated to holocaust denial.

What does this have to do with Howard and Doug Phillips, you ask? Joseph Sobran was the Constitution Party’s nominee for vice-president in the year 2000. At the top of the ticket was Howard Phillips. Doug Phillips promotes the Constitution Party as a worthy recipient of a Christian’s vote.


R.M. Ballantyne

August 4, 2007

Doug Phillips has added some new volumes by R.M. Ballantyne to his library of racism. One of them is called The Gorilla Hunters. Here’s an online version where you may find this passage:

While the trader was speaking I observed that the negroes were talking with the eager looks and gesticulations that are peculiar to the Africans when excited, and presently two or three of them came forward and asked several questions, while their eyes sparkled eagerly and their black faces shone with animation as they pointed into the woods in the direction whence we had come.

“They want to know where you have left the carcass of the leopard, and if you have taken away the brains,” said the trader, turning to me. “I daresay you know – if not you’ll soon come to find out – that all the nigger tribes in Africa are sunk in gross and cruel superstitions. They have more fetishes, and greegrees, and amulets, and wooden gods, and charms, than they know what to do with, and have surrounded themselves with spiritual mysteries that neither themselves nor anybody else can understand. Among other things, they attach a very high value to the brains of the leopard, because they imagine that he who possesses them will be rendered extraordinarily bold and successful in hunting. These fellows are in hopes that, being ignorant of the value of leopard brains, you have left them in the carcass, and are burning with anxiety to be off after them.”

“Poor creatures!” said I, “they are heartily welcome to the brains; and the carcass lies not more than four hours’ march from this spot, I should think, – Is it not so, Jack?”

My friend nodded assent, and the trader, turning to the expectant crowd of natives, gave them the information they desired. No sooner had he finished than with loud cries they turned and darted away, tossing their arms wildly in the air, and looking more like to a band of scared monkeys than to human beings.

“They’re queer fellows,” remarked Peterkin.

“So they are,” replied the trader, “and they’re kindly fellows too – jovial and good-humoured, except when under the influence of their abominable superstitions. Then they become incarnate fiends, and commit deeds of cruelty that make one’s blood run cold to think of.”

Why do homeschooling families consider Vision Forum books to be worthy of purchase? Must a Christian education engender hatred towards black people?